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The construction company "Zeppetzauer Bau- und Zimmerei GmbH"
(Zeppetzauer Construction and Carpentry)
was founded in 1985 by Josef Zeppetzauer in Bad Ischl.

Josef Zeppetzauer currently employs a staff of over 160 people. The catalogue offers a wide-ranging listing of the company's services: Planning - Construction and extensions - Refurbishment of old buildings - Refurbishment of old houses in the old style - Window replacements - Repairs - Conversions - Design of driveways, pathways, patios and surrounding walls - Swimming pools and garden ponds - Conservatories and verandas - Drainage after pipe ruptures - etc.

Our particular strength lies in the renovation of old houses - and is based on our motto: We always have ideas. The special thing about us is that no job is too small - we will do the work even if it is to plaster one square metre.
This is only possible, because we have always pushed for these two main areas: Not only all the construction work, but also all the carpentry work is carried out by the general contractor - from the planning stages to the handover of keys.

Furthermore, the corporation also has its own property development company, which has likewise been very successful in the area of privately financed apartments.

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For us no job is too short-term or too small !